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At Kerbl Pet, you will find everything you need to take perfect care of your pets.
Be inspired by our comprehensive range for dogs, cats, rodents and birds.

Discover a diverse selection of high-quality products
for your beloved pets, be it dog, cat, rodent or bird.

Discover a wide range of high-quality products for your beloved pets, be it dogs, cats, rodents or birds.

Bauernhof Katze versteckt sich
Bauernhof Katze versteckt sich

Do you love animals?
We love to spoil them!

The needs of animals and their owners is what has driven us at Kerbl for 40 years. Under our Kerbl Pet brand, we offer you an extensive range of tried and tested products for dogs, cats, rodents and birds, as well as exciting innovations that make everyday life together even more enjoyable and comfortable for you and your pet.

Whether dog, cat, rabbit, hamster, guinea pig or budgie – every animal has its very own needs. We cater to this with our range of products and offer everything you need for animal-friendly and loving husbandry. Whether special pet care products, cuddly sleeping and resting places, exciting scratching posts, spacious stables, species-appropriate toys or safe transport articles – with our comprehensive Kerbl Pet range you are sure to meet the needs of your four-legged friend.

You can find Kerbl Pet products at your specialist and online retailer.

From chewing bones to cuddly baskets – everything to make your four-legged friend happy

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Kerbl Pet – Dog supplies

Only the best for our most loyal friends

Are there more loyal companions than our beloved four-legged friend? No wonder we only wish the very best for them. With Kerbl Pet you get everything that makes your dog’s heart beat faster: cuddly loungers, exciting toys and irresistible snacks. A large selection of grooming products and brushes ensures that your pet is always perfectly groomed. And our range of dog leads, collars and clothing is guaranteed to leave nothing to be desired, whether it’s the perfect style or Safety in the dark.

Be inspired and pamper your four-legged friend with products that are perfectly tailored to their needs.

Endless purring moments – Everything for your perfect cat home

Kerbl Pet - Bereich Katze
Kerbl PET Icon Katze

Kerbl Pet – Cat supplies

Pampering program for velvet paws

Does seeing your cat happy make you happy? Then Kerbl Pet is the right place for you. Because our extensive range of scratching posts, cuddly resting places, cat tunnels, cat furniture and exciting toys ensure completely satisfied house cats and endless purring moments. And, of course, you will also be provided with the right coat care and safe
transportation of your four-legged family members
with us.

Put your trust in our expertise and transform your home into a perfect cat home that will make your cat and you happy.

Rodent dreams come true here – everything for perfect hopping and nibbling happiness

kerbl Pet - Bereich Nager
Kerbl PET Icon Nager

Kerbl Pet – Rodent supplies

Knowing our little ones are well looked after

Whether dwarf hare, rabbit, guinea pig, hamster, chinchilla or degu – at Kerbl Pet we know what your little nibbling friends need for perfect rodent happiness. Our range extends from exciting innovations such as our species-appropriate
Bunny Base rabbit hutch
to hutches and run enclosures for indoors and outdoors to cozy hutch equipment and attractive feeding toys.

Convince yourself of our quality and our experience and make your pets’ lives a perfect adventure every day with Kerbl Pet.

Tweeting happiness indoors and outdoors – Everything for bird lovers

Kerbl Pet - Bereich Vogel
Kerbl PET Icon Vogel

Kerbl Pet – Bird supplies

Perfect care for feathered friends

Watching birds and listening to their songs is always a pleasure. Whether you have canaries or budgies at home or wild birds such as blackbirds, tits or robins in the garden or on the balcony – at Kerbl Pet you will find everything you need to perfectly care for your feathered friends.

Be inspired by spacious aviaries, entertaining cage accessories, species-appropriate nesting boxes and a variety of feeders that are guaranteed to make your little friends chirp.

Into the future with tradition: the perfect combination of product classics and innovations

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Neuheiten Kerbl Pet

Well thought out through and through

Novelties for dogs, cats, rodents and birds

In addition to classics and long-sellers for our animal friends, we offer exciting innovations that make life even better for animals and their owners. Every day, our product development team is working on what will satisfy the needs of our four-legged friends even better and in a more animal-friendly way, and what innovations will make everyday life easier for pet owners.

Immerse yourself in the world of our resting places, bowls, water dispensers, leads, collars, harnesses, scratching articles, transport boxes, stables, enclosures and toys and be inspired by our new products.

Every Kerbl Pet product is developed with the utmost care and with the safety and well-being of your pet in mind. Immerse yourself in our world of novelties and discover how you can enrich the life of your animal companion.

Durable out of love
and safe

Quality and safety are our top priorities when it comes to your pet. That’s why we use durable and safe materials that you can rely on.

We at Kerbl Pet give you our word that we are committed every day to bringing products to the market that optimally meet the needs of your dogs, cats, rodents and birds.

Hund mit süßem Blick liegt auf Schlafplatz

Luxurious cat worlds

With our large selection of stylish cat furniture, exciting scratching posts with caves, hammocks and play balls, simple sisal scratching posts, cozy resting places and interactive toys, you will satisfy even the most demanding cats.

A paradise for dogs

Our dog collection includes everything that will make your animal friend and yourself happy. Let yourself be tempted by our dog toys, dog blankets, resting places, joint-friendly mattresses, leads, coats and grooming articles and pamper your darling from head to paw.

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The innovative pet supplies wholesaler for specialist retailers, breeders, dog trainers, dog schools and pet shelters.

As an experienced wholesale partner, we offer you the largest German B2B online store for specialist retailers in the pet supplies sector as well as for breeders, dog schools, dog trainers, pet hotels and boarding kennels.

With our own state-of-the-art logistics center, we guarantee fast, reliable and efficient shipping of our products, even internationally.

As a wholesale customer, you can order from Kerbl Pet without a minimum order value.