Dog safety in the dark:
So your dog is not overlooked

Ratgeber Hund Halsband

Ensure your dog is visible in the dark with luminous products from Kerbl Pet

As the days get shorter and darkness falls early, the safety of your dog during evening walks is of great importance. To ensure that your four-legged friend remains visible and safe even in the dark season, Kerbl Pet offers a range of innovative light products.

Kerbl Pet ‘s luminous products are designed not only to keep your dog safe, but also to ensure that he is highly visible. Whether reflective collars, luminous leads or flashing tags – these products significantly increase your dog’s visibility and reduce the risk of being overlooked.

Invest in your dog’s safety and make him a guaranteed eye-catcher on every evening outing with Kerbl Pet’s light-up products. Not only does this increase your dog’s safety, it also gives you a reassuring feeling knowing that your dog is clearly visible even in the dark. Rely on quality and safety – with lighting products from Kerbl Pet.

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Luminous dog collars for more protection in the dark

If you want to combine safety with design, you will find the right equipment in the Shiny Night series. Thanks to the luminescent print, the dog collar series stores the light and emits it again in the dark (fluorescent). This guarantees good visibility.

Ratgeber Hund reflektierendes Halsband

Guaranteed to catch the eye with reflective dog leads

The robust Maxi Safe leashes are available as a 1 or 2 meter leash as well as a slip leash. The reflective multicolor series also offers very good visibility. Depending on the angle of incidence of the light source, the border glows in different colors. It is also very comfortable to wear.

Ratgeber Hund - Halsband Blinkanhänger

Nobody overlooks conspicuous flashing trailers

Flashing trailers are particularly suitable for short walks because they are easy to attach. To provide your dog with safe all-round protection, additional safety accessories such as a reflective harness and lead or similar should also be used.

Ratgeber Hund - Halsband LED

Your dog is clearly visible with these LED products

The LED Maxi-Safe light-up collars offer optimum protection for your dog and can be easily adjusted to fit your pet’s neck circumference. The Light & Reflex series from Kerbl Pet offers you and your dog safety on walks. Lighting duration up to 5 hours. Can be set to flashing light or continuous light. Visible up to 500 m. Charging within a few hours.

Ratgeber Hund - Flexi Leinen

Flexi Roll leashes give your dog more room to play

While the flexi “New Comfort” and flexi “New Classic” dog leads can be equipped with a forward and backward-facing, multi-level LED lightning system, the flexi “Neon” dog leads with a highly reflective sticker and neon-colored components can be seen from afar during the day. For more dog freedom on the leash.

Ratgeber Hund - Sicherheit allgemein

Give your dog more security

The right equipment is important. Just as important is the correct understanding of a dog’s natural behavior. Here you will find useful tips and advice to help you understand your dog better and give him more self-confidence. This strengthens the bond between humans and animals. For safe and varied walks with your faithful companion.