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Everything for completely satisfied rodents

Whether rabbits, dwarf hares, guinea pigs, hamsters, chinchillas, degus, rats or mice – our Kerbl Pet Guide for small animals gives you a quick overview of what your rodents need to lead a good, happy rodent life.

We show all the main product categories at a glance. From rodent hutches, cages and outdoor enclosures to snacks and activity articles, we offer you valuable tips to increase the well-being of your beloved four-legged friends and make them completely happy.

Rodent pens, cages & enclosures

A suitable home is the basis for the well-being of your small animals. Discover stables, enclosures and cages that are perfectly suited to the size, number and specific requirements of your rodents. Find out about the different options for indoor and outdoor use.

Furnishings & accessories

The right equipment and accessories are also crucial for animal-friendly husbandry. We will show you how to design your small animals’ home with resting places, hiding places and climbing facilities so that your animals want for nothing.

Drinkers & feeding accessories

A good water supply and nutrition are essential for the health of your rodents. Discover different models of drinking troughs and feeding accessories that ensure the cleanest and best possible care.

Agility & Toys

Keep your rodents mentally and physically active. At Kerbl Pet you will find a large selection of toys and activities that help to promote your rodent’s natural behavior and activities and thus improve their quality of life.

Care, snacks & nutrition

A good coat and claw care and a balanced diet, enriched with healthy snacks, supports the health and vitality of your rodents. Discover what options are available and how to put together the right diet that provides all the nutrients you need.

The right choice and provision of small animal supplies is crucial for the well-being of your little friends.

Our guide will help you to better understand the needs of your four-legged friends and create a stimulating and healthy environment for them. Pamper your rodents with love, care and the right products – for the best possible care and maximum rodent happiness.

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