The ultimate guide
for bird supplies & bird accessories

Ratgeber Vogel

Everything for the health and happiness of your feathered friends

Keeping birds such as parrots, canaries, budgerigars or other bird species in your own home requires suitable conditions and equipment. They need freedom of movement and something to do.

Our Kerbl Pet Guide covers all important product categories and offers valuable tips on keeping ornamental birds and feeding and housing garden birds. Let us inspire you so that you can make the right decision for aviaries, cages, nesting boxes or feeders and make your birds’ lives a little more beautiful every day.

Aviaries & cages

A sheltered and spacious home is the foundation for your bird’s well-being. Find out what is important for this and how to choose the right aviary or cage to offer your birds freedom of movement, protection and comfort at the same time.

Drinkers, bowls & tubs

Sufficient fluids and a high-quality diet are essential for the health of birds. Discover which types of drinkers, bowls and bathing facilities are best suited to the needs of your feathered friends.

Bird toys, cage accessories & snacks

Birds need sufficient stimulation and physical activity to be truly happy. We will guide you through a selection of toys and accessories that encourage birds’ natural behaviors and help improve their quality of life.

Birdhouses & nesting boxes

We have a large selection of bird houses and nesting boxes for bird lovers who want to look after wild birds in their garden or on their balcony. Find out which nesting box is suitable for which bird species and which bird feeder is best for your garden birds.

The right choice of bird supplies is crucial for the well-being of your feathered friends.

With our guide, you are well equipped to create a safe, stimulating and healthy environment for your birds.

Pamper the birds in your home and garden with love, care and the right products – for all-round happy, chirping feathered friends.

Ratgeber Vogel