Adventure in the garden: how to offer your dog fun, relaxation and cooling off

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Why is outdoor play and fun so important for dogs?
A happy dog is an active dog. With the right activity in the garden, you can offer your four-legged friend not only fun, but also mental and physical exercise. Especially in summer, it is important to give your dog enough exercise and opportunities to cool off at the same time.

First of all, you can offer various toys and activities that encourage your dog to run and jump. A Frisbee or a ball thrower are ideal for motivating your dog to run. Make sure that the toys are robust and safe to prevent injuries. You can also transform the garden into a small adventure park. A tunnel, obstacles to jump over or slalom poles offer your dog an exciting challenge and encourage his dexterity.

Search games in which you hide treats or favorite toys in the garden also train your dog’s nose and keep him mentally fit.
To allow your four-legged friend to cool off on hot days, you can set up a small dog pool or a lawn sprinkler for your dog to run through. A shady spot in the garden where your dog can rest and be protected from the sun is also very important. You should also always make sure that your dog has enough fresh water to prevent overheating.

Another aspect of species-appropriate activity is joint training. Practice new commands or tricks and reward your dog with treats and praise. This strengthens the bond between you and your dog and provides mental exercise at the same time. By integrating these different ways of keeping your dog occupied and cool in your garden, you create an environment in which your dog stays happy and healthy. This turns every summer day into a little adventure for your four-legged friend.

The best products for outdoor fun and games

Cooling off and relaxing in summer

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Action in the dog pool

After a romp in the garden, cooling off in the dog pool is just the thing. A dog pool is perfect for hot days. Your dog can cool off and play in the water at the same time. Our pools for dogs are robust and easy to set up. They offer plenty of space for splashing and romping around, which provides a welcome change of pace, especially on warm summer days.

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Cool-down on the cooling ceiling

A cooling mat for the dog is also useful on hot summer days. These mats are easy to handle and offer your dog a cool place to rest.

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Drinking fountain for dogs

A drinking or water fountain provides fresh water and encourages your dog to drink enough. The continuous water circulation keeps the water cool and clean, which is particularly important in hot weather.

Fun and games in the garden for dogs

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Agility toy

Agility training is an excellent way to challenge your dog physically and mentally. With an agility set for dogs and various toys, including agility hurdles and dog tunnels, you can transform your garden into an exciting training course. This not only promotes fitness, but also the bond between you and your dog.

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Intelligence toys and educational toys

Encourage your dog’s mental fitness with brain toys and intelligence toys. These games are designed to train your dog’s cognitive skills and improve his problem-solving abilities.

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Clicker training

Dog training with a clicker is an effective way to teach your dog new tricks and keep him busy. It strengthens communication between you and your dog and makes training a positive experience.

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Toys and activities

Whether it’s indestructible dog toys, intelligence toys for dogs, fetch toys or throwing toys – we have the right toy for every dog. Encourage your dog’s thinking skills with an intelligence toy or let him let off steam with a dog play rope or a dog frisbee. Varied toys keep your dog active and happy.

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Products for recovery
and flexibility of your dog

Dog lounger with sun canopy and dog flap: Provide comfortable resting places and safety in the garden. A dog lounger with a sun canopy offers protection from the sun, while dog flaps allow your dog to move freely between the house and garden. This means that your dog can decide for himself at any time whether he wants to be in the house or in the garden.

Dog chew bones and cuddly
toys for stress relief

Dog chew bones, lick mats or even cuddly toys are ideal for relaxing after playing, allowing the dog to find some peace and quiet after extensive play. Chewing bones train the jaw muscles and give the dog a satisfying feeling. Lick mats provide the dog with a long-term activity and relieve the jaw muscles and neck area. Cuddly toys provide security and warmth.

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With these products, you can ensure that your dog stays active as well as enjoying the necessary rest and safety. So nothing stands in the way of a carefree summer full of outdoor fun and games!

With the right products and activities, you can give your dog a varied and healthy outdoor life. Discover our carefully selected collection of dog toys, agility equipment and cool down options to keep your dog happy and healthy. From robust chew toys and interactive balls that promote your four-legged friend’s intelligence and agility, to agility equipment such as hurdles, tunnels and slalom poles, to refreshing water games and cooling mats for hot summer days – you’ll find everything your dog’s heart desires here.

We also offer practical accessories such as comfortable dog beds for a well-earned rest after an active day, ergonomic harnesses and leads for safe and comfortable walks and nutritional products specially tailored to the needs of active dogs. Treat your dog to the best and create unforgettable moments together in nature. Your faithful companion will thank you with shining eyes and tireless joy.

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