Health and hygiene

5. provide food and attention

Another way to give your indoor cat a happy life is the right food. If you have an indoor cat, it is best to feed it food specially developed for indoor cats.

Such food contains everything necessary for a healthy life in the confines of the house and ensures that the cat gets enough vitamins and minerals. Other types of food such as wet food or dry food can also be offered – as long as you always keep an eye on which foods could be harmful to their health (for example chocolate).

Buy your cat high-quality food products. It is important that you give your cat good food so that it stays slim and healthy. Make sure that the food tastes good, otherwise there is a good chance that your cat will not eat it.

Special automatic feeders and drinkers are available to keep water and feed fresh. This ensures that your cat is optimally cared for even when you are away.

6. cleanliness and hygiene for the health of your cat

Cats are very clean animals and therefore want to live in a clean environment. A litter tray is an important element in your home and should therefore be chosen carefully. Most cats prefer a toilet with a lid to maintain their privacy.

Make sure the lid is large enough for your cat to climb in and out comfortably.

The size of the opening should also be taken into account so that your cat can do its business without any problems. Toilets with lids have the advantage that they trap odors better.

If you opt for an open toilet, make sure that it is made of easy-to-clean material. Regular cleaning is essential. A clean toilet is important for your cat’s health and also for your own well-being.

Katze vor Katzentoilette draußen

7. avoid stress

schlafende Katze

The biggest challenge when keeping an indoor cat is to avoid stressful situations.

This also includes routine: feed your cat at the same time every day and make regular visits to the vet and vaccination appointments – all this helps to keep stress levels low!

Also try to create as much peace and quiet as possible in the living environment: Be quiet in the house and avoid playing loud music or watching TV in the immediate vicinity of your cat’s scratching post or bed.