Rabbit Burrow Bunny Base

A home just the way your long-eared friends want it

Skizze BunnyBase Kaninchenbau

With the Rabbit Burrow Bunny Base, you can give your long-eared animals the perfect home. Experience a combination of a natural environment and luxurious amenities that your rabbits will love. A life in the rabbit hole that wild rabbits can only dream of!

  • Natural habitat: An underground paradise modelled on the natural habitat of your rabbits.
  • No more digging necessary: The base is simply placed in the ground and accepted by your rabbits as their burrow.
  • Pleasant climate all year round: Protects against heat in summer and cold in winter.
  • All-inclusive home: Equipped with hay rack, water dispenser and food dispenser.
  • Simple and tool-free assembly: Quick to assemble thanks to a clever plug and click system.

A secure home:

The intelligent 4-way door can be set so that the animals can only get out, in, or in and out. A lock can also be put on the door, for example to protect them overnight, or when used as a transport box. Weatherproof

Wetterfestes Outdoor-Kaninchenhaus

Weatherproof outdoor rabbit house for all-year use:

by integrating the lower section into the soil, always offers the ideal climate. climate Inside, it remains pleasantly cool in summer and protects the rabbits against cold in winter.


Flexible and practical:

Not only will your long-eared friends love the Bunny Base, you will too. The carefully thought-out product can be converted into a transport box with just a few moves, is super-easy to clean and can be assembled quickly thanks to the click system. All you need to do is dig out the hole in the soil.

Luxus-Zuhause für Langohren

Luxury home for long-eared friends:

Bunny Base is the perfect all-inclusive housing. The substructure integrated into the soil means that rabbits feel like they’re in their natural habitat and no longer have the need to burrow. Your garden will thank you too.

Heuraufe, Futterspender
und Tränke in der oberen Etage von BunnyBase

Optimum supply:

On the upper floor of Bunny Base, the animals are always well looked after thanks to the well-equipped facilities such as a hay rack, a feed dispenser and a water bowl.

Die herausnehmbare Bodenwanne im Unterbau von BunnyBase erleichtert die Reinigung.

Easy to clean:

The removable floor tub in the Bunny Base substructure makes cleaning much easier and ensures simple maintenance and care.

Bunnybase Set

Easy to handle and
immediately usable
– How to set it up successfully

Each Bunny Base set contains everything you need for immediate use – no additional tools required. All you have to do is dig the hole in the soil for the base and your rabbits can start exploring their new home.

Flexibility and
Comfort in
one product

Not only your rabbits will love the Bunny Base – it also offers numerous advantages for you. Convert Bunny Base into a practical transport box in a few simple steps or use the intermediate shelf for additional functionality.