Exercise and fun for your cat

3. play and exercise provide variety

Give your cat enough space to play. A cat needs plenty of exercise and exercise to be happy. So make sure that your room has enough space for your cat to run around.

Your cat should have plenty of opportunities to move around your home. A scratching post or climbing wall is also a good way to provide your cat with exercise.

Katze spielt mit Fisch
Katze mit Maus Spielzeug

Kittens particularly like it,
Throwing things around and chasing them.

Older cats also prefer toys that encourage them to move and climb. Encourage your cat to move around and have fun. Play with her and think of different games you can play together. However, make sure that the game competition remains fair – on the one hand, the cat should be able to win, but on the other hand, it should not be too overwhelmed.

In addition to the routine, it is also important that your indoor cat has enough to do. Buy or build different types of toys for your cat so that he doesn’t get bored. In addition to classic toys such as cuddly mice and birds, you can also get your cat puzzle-like toys in which it has to search for food.

4. interaction creates trust – grooming ensures well-being

Talk to your cat, stroke it and play with it regularly. This not only teaches her to be familiar with you, but also gives her the stimulation and activity she needs. Combine useful coat care with pleasant relaxation for you and your cat.

Most cats enjoy being brushed. The gentle massage increases their well-being and makes their coat nice and soft and fluffy. Fine-toothed brushes and combs remove dust and bugs from their coats and give them a silky shine. Spend quality time with your tiger while brushing and stroking it. This strengthens your relationship with each other.

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